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Workshops/Training Days

Meditation Classes

Meditation is a combination of breathing, visualization and muscle relaxation. It is used to reduce stress and focus the mind. Meditation is being studied in a link to longer life spans and healthier people. It is, simply put, breathing with purpose. The person meditating focuses on his/her breathing as he/she inhales and exhales.

Occasionally, the focus is directed and the person thinks about something she would like clarity on or positive thoughts leading to an expected end. It can be as brief as a few minutes to focus and relax the mind or it can be hours of deep and intentional breathing and thought. Meditation has been proven to
reduce stress, lower blood pressure and increase self-esteem and mental focus.

The instructor takes the time to lead the person who wishes to meditate in exercises to clear the mind. They then work through meditation to help the mind heal and restore a balanced state of being. Meditation can also be beneficial in assisting with physical well being issues, including high blood pressure, anxiety and stress related issues.

As little as 15 Minutes Of Meditation Each Day Will Dramatically Improve Your Life.

- Starting in 2011, we will be running Meditation Classes for anyone interested in learning to Meditate or for those of you who would just like to learn how to relax.

Healing With The Angels Workshops

This Workshop is a way of discovering the healing powers of the Angels. Working with Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Chamuel, & Uriel among others you will learn;

- How to connect with your Angels.
- An understanding of the Angels & the ways they can assist you
- The protection & healing that each can bring to your life
- How to call on the Angels & develop your connection to them
- How to recognise the signs that Angels are around you & hear the messages they are sending you
- How to begin healing your own life with the assistance of the Angels & bring healing, peace, love & harmony to your life.

The focus of this workshop is to allow you to experience your own connection with the Angels & the amazing ways they can help you so that you can work with them to create a better life.

Each participant will receive a course manual along with a Certificate of Completion. A healing session will be done as part of the workshop. Lunch will be provided.

Angel Days are always relaxing & uplifting so expect to end the day feeling renewed & enfolded in the light of the Angels!

Motivational Workshops

These Workshops are for anyone interested in putting some positivity back into life. They are about freeing yourself from limitations & enhancing your life in a way that is right for you.

Do you remember what it was like when you were a child? How much you laughed, how little you worried, how firmly you believed that you could do practically anything? Even more importantly do you remember what that felt like?

Our Motivational Workshops are for anyone who wants to put some laughter & fun back into living, they’re about becoming more positive in your daily life & most importantly getting back some of that enthusiasm for life that you had when you were a child …. When everything was possible! It still is !

….. if you can just learn to focus your thoughts, words & actions & make them work, in a way that is right for you! If you’re ready to do something about changing your outlook on life, then why not join us on one of these workshops & take the first steps to making your life, the life you want to live! Learn to lock into your own power & find a new energy & enthusiasm for life that enables you to look past
‘What Is’ to ‘What Could Be!’


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