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Colour Therapy

Color therapy is an area of holistic healing which uses color in an attempt to affect our mood, emotions and possibly even our health. There are different ways to incorporate color therapy into your life. Although we would live, we would probably not be healthy if we lived in total darkness without any light. Light can affect our mood. Most of us feel better and more cheerful on a sunny day than on a gloomy, sunless day. Many people develop Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in the winter months because very simply we need light to be healthy.

When disease or injury disturbs the vibration and energy of an organ or area of our body, applying the associated color frequency can restore the body to health. Eastern medical practice teaches that we have meridians which carry energy through the body and connect to each organ. This is the theory behind acupuncture which attempts to remove blockages to the energy flow. Color is thought to do the same thing. Each color's vibration is associated with different attributes and qualities.

Light entering through our eyes may trigger the production of hormones which control the biochemical system of the body. It can also influence our emotions & well-being by supplying the frequency we need to keep our mind and body in balance. Color does not heal, rather, it enables the body to heal itself.



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